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Our Expertise

We specialise in placing legal and risk professionals within the financial services and commerce & industry sectors.

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We specialise in placing lawyers into
the financial services sector.

Our experience precedes the global financial crisis.
We therefore recognise what clients looked for in a lawyer pre-2007 is vastly different to what is expected of an
in-house lawyer in today’s climate.

Market Overview

The financial services sector is a challenging and stimulating environment to work in these days.

Whilst the financial landscape evolves in response to increasing regulatory pressures, the role of the in-house lawyer is also changing.

First and foremost, the in-house lawyer remains the technical legal expert for a business. But as businesses adapt in order to stay ahead, the in-house lawyer is expected to be a ‘regulatory specialist’ as well.

In-house counsel is up-skilling/re-skilling in the area of regulation, and working much more closely with compliance teams. The overlap between legal and compliance has never been so evident.

The in-house lawyer must also be an effective ‘risk manager’ and ‘solution provider’ in order to keep the business moving forward.

Those best equipped to deliver sound and timely legal advice should be acutely commercially aware.  They should have the ability to juggle the competing demands of the business they support, whilst being able to communicate with people at all levels, both internally and externally.

Sectors and Skill Sets

Sector Specialisms

  • Asset Management/Funds
  • Security Services/Custody
  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking/Corporate Banking
  • Private Banking/Wealth Management
  • Brokerages
  • Clearing Houses
  • Trading Platforms/Exchanges/MTFs

Specific Skill Sets

  • Regulated Funds/UCITS
  • Alternative and Investment Funds
  • Custody/Securities Lending
  • Fund Administration
  • Private Equity
  • Capital Markets (including Corporate Trust)
  • Structured Products/Derivatives
  • Prime Services
  • Financial Services Regulation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Electronic Trading

Transferable Skill Sets

  • Corporate
  • Litigation
  • Commercial Contracts
  • IT/IP
  • Employment

Role titles

  • General Counsel
  • Head of Legal/Deputy Head of Legal
  • Sub-Head/Team Leader
  • Senior Legal Counsel/Legal Counsel
  • Transaction Manager/Execution
  • Lawyers – for Front Office/Product Development Teams
  • Lawyers – for Compliance Teams

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