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“From the earliest days, it became very apparent that AY do not adopt a typical sales agency approach.

They are people that I trust.

They are the furthest thing to me from the average recruitment agency and I shall always go to them first, regardless of which side of the recruitment deal I am on.”

Head of Legal and Compliance,
Global Trading Platform

“The background, personality and goals of a candidate are taken as seriously as his or her experience and qualifications. Similarly, the culture, ambitions and expectations of an employer are considered in as much detail in the selection process…..

they show a genuine interest in their clients and their needs and objectives; understand and meet their expectations; and offer sound and frank advice along the way. They offer reliability and a personal understanding which many of their competitors have lost touch with.”

Head of Legal,
Global Asset Manager

“……a rarity amongst the plethora of bland and unimaginative recruitment consultants in that not only did they take a real interest in working with me to refine what/who I (thought I) wanted but she also ensured that the shortlist contained the best candidates that were out there so that I had the best possible chance of finding the perfect candidate – which I did.

I have already instructed them on the other roles in order to re-build my legal team: there was no reason not to…..”

General Counsel and Group Head of Compliance,
Derivatives Trading Platform

AY was extremely useful and supportive during our recruitment process. On very little notice, they provided us with a number of high quality candidates – one of whom we offered the position to.

I found AY to be supportive, constructive and most importantly human during this process and would not think twice about using them again.”

EMEA Head of Trade Legal,
Global Investment Bank

“Often agencies send candidates who don’t really match the criteria and whom the agent doesn’t seem to know. AY has a different approach as they match their candidates carefully to the job specification that has been given and have met and vetted the candidate before they send them to an interview….. assisted in the salary negotiations and ensured that both my firm and the candidate were satisfied after the placement had taken place. ”

General Counsel and Compliance Director,
Private Bank

AY took the time and made the effort to really understand our culture, our business and the role we were looking to recruit for to ensure that we got the right candidate for us in the long term.”

EMEA Head of Funds Legal,
Global Investment Bank

AY is knowledgeable about our industry. They understand our company personality and appreciate how important it is to find the right fit. They are responsive, authentic, straightforward and honourable.”

Global Head of Legal and Compliance,
Global Financial Services Company


AY offered a very tailored view of the jobs market.  My experience with other agencies was for them to try and shoehorn you into roles that were currently available, whereas AY insisted on meeting face to face first, and then introducing me to roles that they sincerely felt would suit my personality and experience.

AY clearly has a genuine relationship with their clients, which means that they are able to be realistic about what a position entails and allow you to make an informed judgment.  During my actual process, they were calm, clear and direct.  This was a refreshing change from other agencies I was in contact with at the time!”

Corporate Associate,
Top International US Law Firm

AY has worked with me for the last decade, maintaining our relationship and introducing me to interesting and relevant opportunities.

Their strength for me as a candidate lies in the trust they build with employers and their understanding of the business. They are honest with both sides and stand apart from other recruiters at recognising a good ‘fit’.”

Head of Legal,
Leading UK Retail Bank

AY had a personal approach with me from day one, not making me feel like just another candidate on their database or replying to a job advertisement. They made the effort to meet me as soon as they saw my CV and listened to my requirements and needs.

They were honest and upfront and gave me advice that was for my interests as oppose to saying what needed to be said in order that they earned the commission – like many other recruitment consultants on the market.”

Financial Services Lawyer,
Derivatives Trading Platform

“By comparison to other recruitment agents who have represented me in the past, I found AY to be excellent… and straight-talking and kept me well-informed as the process progressed. In particular, AY gave me genuine insight as to what the role required, the qualities the potential employer was looking for and the personalities of the interviewers. I highly recommend AY.”

Senior Capital Markets Lawyer,
Top Global US Law Firm

“As a candidate, they have always provided me with an open and honest service. They know me and their clients and I have therefore found their approach to be comfortingly pragmatic. AY takes pride in matching the right candidates with the right clients and they have never tried to push me toward roles that do not suit me or my experience.”

Head of Legal,
Global Trading Platform

“Being placed by AY was more like being referred by good friend. What I wanted was obviously important to them….”

Senior Legal Counsel,
Global Investment Bank

“Throughout my search, I found them to be personable, very knowledgeable about financial services, the legal profession and recruitment. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a legal move.”

Legal Counsel,
Global Financial Services Company

“They know their clients very well and manage your expectations reliably. They are with you every bit of the way from your old job to your new position.”

Derivatives Lawyer,
Top International City Law Firm

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